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Outdoors Men Landscaping

Quality work and customer satisfaction guarantee.

I'm Petro Mendoza, C.E.O of Outdoors Men Landscaping, I've always had a passion for the outdoors and nature.

Therefore, I started working in a landscape company to learn more about the industry and so on. I learned a lot throughout then. I loved it! Then I thought to myself, "If I love this so much, why not make my own landscaping company?" Also, made me think about all the things that I could do different and unique to make magic work better and more efficient. I decided to build my company.

I wanted to do things different & not just that, but much better! 

Now, with the help of my two bothers Ezequiel and Jesus, we are Outdoors Men Landscaping.


We will provide the best quality Landscaping work and results.

For your residential home or commercial businesses. 

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